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4 Colour Process printed soft PVC Oyster style wallets available with clear plastic pockets

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Recently, we announced the launch of our new and unique ‘Revaplex’ ™ promotional and informational card system. This innovative card/sticker combination is a very cost effective new development which incorporates:

  • A sophisticated revealing system that allows a retainable card and usable sticker to be combined in one unit.  This is not just ‘peel and reveal’.  The revealing mechanism retains an adhesive back that allows its use as a sticker after removal, yet leaves no adhesive residue on the card.
  • If required, the system allows for differing imagery/information to be placed on the card and sticker.  For instance, the card may have a list of useful phone numbers or promotions for an organisation on one side, and the sticker may have space to incorporate renewal/service date information to be placed, for example, in an album, on a boiler, car windscreen etc.  The reverse of the card can also be printed.

Reveplex - a card and a sticker in one

The potential applications, for this card and sticker mechanism, are as broad as your horizons; promotions and information, competitions and incentives, discounts and rewards, games and collectables etc.  We are currently also developing versions of Revaplex with 3D (colour-shift) images.  Insurance companies, entertainment and games companies, energy suppliers, breakdown services, health-care providers, publishers etc., can all benefit from use of this new card system as part of their marketing and informational activity or product range.

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