ClingZ® INDIGO Design Guide

ClingZ® Indigo is a patented, electrically charged polypropylene film with an ink receptive Indigo coating.

The benefit of using ClingZ is its ability to cling to virtually any clean, dry surface without leaving a residue. This unique ability creates new and creative ways to provide graphic images for many different applications including photo applications, POP advertising, direct mail inserts, variable data promotions, greeting cards and more.  To maximize the ability to cling it is important to consider the following design recommendations.

ClingZ Indigo - RIT Certified
ClingZ Indigo is RIT certified with a 3 star rating. It has superior print quality and excellent ink adhesion.

The backer is also fully printable.

ClingZ Indigo
is available in white or clear film. The international size, 320mmx460mm, is available.  The minimum recommended finished size is at least 8 x 13 mm.

Design for as little ink usage as necessary. Avoid heavy deposits of ink near the edge in the design of the piece to prevent the film from curling. If designing a piece to cling print side to glass, it is recommended that the design include a 2 cm unprinted border.

ClingZ Indigo
is a polypropylene film with a full contact liner and is Indigo printable. Clear ClingZ can be printed reverse or right reading for window applications.

ClingZ Indigo
can be die-cut or kiss-cut to create unique images. Avoid long thin pieces and sharp die cut angles. ClingZ can also be perforated, scored and folded. The full contact liner allows for machine inserting for direct mail applications or inserts. Review any special finishing and packaging processes with your printer or post-press vendor.

These guidelines for designing on ClingZ are collected from users of ClingZ products and are intended to help designers maximize the creativity, performance and printability of the material.