Vinalith Shield


Our passionate team of experienced “Concept Designers” will work WITH you to create original, exciting scamps that will allow you to visualise how your promotion may look in situ.

Once you are entirely happy with the Campaign’s ‘Look & Feel” it’s time to hand the storyboards over to our “Finished Artwork & Repro Department” who will transform the concepts into highly polished, print ready artwork.

 With our truly unique ability to print 4 colour process on so many different substrates, the possibilities for innovative POS solutions are literally endless!

Whether it be a simple die-cut shelf wobbler printed onto pvc or a complex and bespoke free standing display unit that requires considerable engineering,

All of the necessary skills are available on-site and we will arrive at a cost effective solution for you.




There are generally 3 key stages to a new project, these include:


Stage 1:

Consultation & Understanding Your Requirements

Stage 2:

Vinalith Concept Creation / Storyboards

Stage 3:

Artwork & Production Handover


A consultation with our experienced Designers & Brand Specialists will ensure that your campaign message is articulated in a powerful, creative, on-brand, clear & concise message.

Using a blend of traditional storyboards, scamps and loose sketches at the early stages of a project, closely followed by worked up digital visuals of how your POS may look ‘In Store’ you will be able to see just how much of an impact your POS will have before any production takes place.


stage 2


Impactful, Durable, Cost Effective Point Of Sale…..Vinalith Make It POS


The 'point of sale' is where buying decisions are made. The POS display stand needs to make consumers 'want' to buy your products. Great POS design is vital to attract your customers. Therefore you need to be consulting with the right people. Here at Vinalith, our point of sale designers and point of purchase developers will ensure an impactful, durable and cost effective display solution is found. Your product is key - but this is no use if it gets lost amongst the masses of display stands out there in the retail marketplace. Through close consultation to determine your requirements,


Our POP and POS designers will ensure the right image and information is presented at the point of sale. Lets make sure the next time a customer walks past your product display stand - they don't walk by but stop and BUY.


We can either source or design & create complete bespoke retail displays at affordable prices. We can design & produce POS display units in metal, plastic, wood, card - in fact whatever material best suits the given brief. Whether it be a one-off proto-type, through to a production run of thousands - our design agency can help. Contact us today...let us make a difference




Here at Vinalith, we pride ourselves in being well accustomed to delivering in-store communications across all types of retail channels including multiples, independents, cash & carry and everything in between.

Our integrated approach is particularly well suited to producing high impact in-store and/or on-pack promotional marketing campaigns.